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The Prepared  Marketing System has revolutionized the way our clients think about their marketing... helping them make better, more profitable, and more strategic decisions.

And businesses are willing to invest significantly in this kind of comprehensive planning process, because it is an investment that pays off for years to come.

But with so many businesses in need, our team doesn't have the resources to help them all directly.

And that's where you come in...

Marketing Agencies and others can now license and sell our proprietary marketing strategy consulting program

Inside the program, you or your designated consultant (trained by us), will guide your clients through a series of decisions about their market positioning, the way they structure the offer of their products and/or services, and identify multiple paths to increase their revenue.

When you become a licensee of The Prepared Marketing System , you'll also...

  • Have your very own plug-and-play high-ticket, high net profit offer (bringing you $20k or more per client you sign in take-home-profits)
  • Increase your client retention (agencies whose clients go through this program can easily earn their continued patronage and loyalty for years to come)
  • Move your agency from "service provider" to "trusted advisor" status (positioning is everything - and this new positioning give you the ability to play a more active and influential role in the growth of your clients businesses)

Not every Agency, Coach, or Consultant will be a good fit for this licensing program.

This program requires your willingness and dedication to implement a "strategy first" approach to the work you do. It also requires a commitment to ongoing training and support from our team.

If you would like to explore what it could be like to become a licensee of The Prepared Marketing System and help businesses achieve their goals and dreams more systematically and strategically...

Please complete the following form, and book a call with us on the next page.

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Attention Marketing Agency Owners...

Now You Can Offer Your Own High-Ticket, High Net Profit, DFY Consulting Program

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